Rangers’ in Ruins?

For the past year, Rangers football club has been embroiled in a tax case which could affect the very future of the club. In addition to this serious case which could include a £60 million payment to HMRC- Rangers have also recently been accused of failing to pay legal fees to law firm Levy & McRae after they advised the club during their dispute with UEFA over alleged sectarian singing in a Europa league match against PSV Eindhoven.

Considering Ranger’s perilous situation,  this  latest story was a great worry to their fans. The dread is so much that some supporters have taken it upon themselves to create online groups on the likes of Twitter and Facebook so that they can try to uncover the extent of Ranger’s money problems. There are also rival supporters forming online groups because they wish to revel in Ranger’s troubles, or they too wish to unearth the truth.

One such profile on twitter is that of  http://twitter.com/#!/rangerstaxcase. Whether the creator of the profile  is a Rangers fan is not an issue, instead it is important to focus on the facts. The user of this profile shares the viewpoint of many Rangers’s supporters which is they believe that the club ( and owner Craig Whyte) aren’t telling them the complete truth. Certainly the Heralds article doesn’t help the clubs case with their supporters. Indeed this latest blow has left many supporters questioning the future of their club. How can a Ranger’s possibly pay of a multi-million pound tax bill if they can’t pay this meagre legal fee? Indeed Rangers media user, CanadianBacon, (yes that is the name) posted that there were “interesting and worrying times ahead.”

Certainly the outcome of the tax case will be very interesting for the general public who wish to see what secrets Rangers are hiding. However there will indeed be worrying times ahead for all those involved with Glasgow Rangers, and for fans of Scottish football. All we can do is wait and see what happens, as it doesn’t appear Craig Whyte is prepared to allow anymore information slip away from Rangers. His action to block the Herald group demonstrates his fear that all of Rangers in-house dealings will be exposed for everyone to see leading to embarrassment for those running the club. However situations such as the Herald story are already damaging enough. Therefore now seems the best time to allow the supporters to know of the financial situation in its most detailed form. Keeping them in the dark any longer will simply lead to further embarrassment. Let them speak to those running the club rather than having to have faceless debates over computer screens.

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