Have human rights gone too far?

Human rights are necessary within society to maintain order and stability. Theresa May, however seems to think that these human rights have gone one step too far.

It seems that for as long as can be remembered human rights have outweighed common sense, and with backing from the Prime Minister it looks like this could be about to change. David Cameron appears to think their is a “chilling culture” created by the Act  and while Nick Clegg may be protesting a change, it seems there is more support than not for the cause.

When terrorists cannot be deported from the country or unruly children who hit their teachers cannot be punished for fear of breeching their human rights, it seems that this country really is “broken Britain”. David Cameron has often stated he wants to change “broken Britain” and it seems like it’s about time he started mending it.

Of course, dismissing all human rights would be ridiculous as most are for the improvement and stablisation of society, but perhaps should be based on common sense and not a set list of rules and regulations? For example, “every child has a right to a home” is non-arguable and commitments like this should be kept in place.

But could introducing a bill of British rights upset European courts and their policies? Britain is already being studied by Europen courts for 13 cases which seem to have failed the Human Rights Act which have not yet been dealt with by the government. So, perhaps Nick Clegg could be right? Is it better to keep things the way they are and make sure Britain does not disrupt their relations within Europe? Or should we fix broken Britain and stop standing up for criminals?

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