Scotland’s fear of losing national programmes

With talk of a “Double dip” and still being in a recession, it was only a matter of time that the BBC announced drastic cuts. It was announced that BBC Scotland faces £16 million in cuts of their £80 million budget with as many as 150 redundancies as reported by the Scotsman.  Many people are fearing that well-liked Scottish programmes such as River City are facing the axe. BBC Scotland on Twitter has pledged that it will not axe the popular soap, contrary to what many Scottish tabloids are saying.

Journalist Iain Hepburn on Twitter quips, “The Sun is claiming success in saving River City from budget cuts or the axe.  Another black mark against News International then…”. So The Sun seem to have saved the day for River City with the help of famous Scots such as Lorraine Kelly but can other programmes be saved ?

On Monday, I read in the Daily Mail that over fifty percent of the Scottish population did not know Radio Scotland(Scotland’s national radio station) exists. With that shocking statistic, should BBC not cut things that are lagging behind rather than cut the good ?

However, The Drum on Twitter suggests that BBC Scotland could actually benefit. According to The Drum, Lord Patten(BBC Trust chairman) claims that although BBC Scotland needs to shed 150 members of staff it will be mainly admin workers and guesses that Scotland will get a higher proportion of the licence fee than it does just now. But I don’t know if Scotland should bank on a guess from Patten. Scottish Media Podcast on The Drum website put across their views on the BBC budget cuts.

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