Rangers’ withdrawal of co-operation with the Herald Group

Earlier this month Rangers football club cut ties with The Herald, Sunday Herald and Evening Times newspapers. This is because the club were not happy with how The Herald Group reported a recent court case whereby the club were being sued by Glasgow based legal firm Levy & McRae. The legal firm had taken Rangers to court over an unpaid legal fee of £35,000 which they were owed after the club hired them to help fight against Uefa’s claim of sectarian singing at a game against PSV Eindhoven in March.

As a result of the court case the judge ordered Rangers to pay the bill and he also raised questions about the club’s solvency. The club denied that they were in any financial trouble and called the Herald’s covering of the story as “scaremongering tactics” A Rangers spokesperson said: “The remarks in The Court of Session today made by Levy & McRae with regard to their concerns about the club’s solvency are unfounded and unwarranted and these are nothing more than scaremongering tactics.”

The majority of Rangers fans weren’t  unhappy with the end in co-operation with the Herald Group. One Rangers fan believed the club had done the right thing and explained why he thought the club had taken this action on the footiemad.net  forum: “Whyte [the club’s chairman] is sick of their pish.”

Most fans agreed with this and called for other media groups to also be banned. However, there were a few supporters that were unhappy with the club’s decision to end ties with The Herald. One such fan, also on the footiemad.net forum said: “So let’s get this straight Rangers have gone in a huff because a paper has reported something factual that went on in court today.
Are Rangers fans really comfortable with their club trying to pull the wool over their eyes?”

This showed that although most were satisfied with the club’s decision to withdraw co-operation with The Herald Group, there were some who found this concerning specially as it was to do with, what could be, financial worries for Rangers.

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  1. Like your chosen quote about Whyte haha.

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