Rangers Withdraw Co-operation from The Herald

by Owen O’Donnell

In recent times it has been increasingly apparent that Scottish football champions, Rangers F.C. are in deep financial trouble due to an extended period of time spent avoiding the payment of their taxes. The prospect of losing their battle with HM Revenue and Customs and facing a possible bill in the rough area of £54 million almost certainly will lead to the club being plunged into administration. However, the club has taken exception to the reporting of their latest financial woe from the Herald, Sunday Herald and Evening Times.The offending articles were however, not about the tax case, but instead were about a further legal battle the club faced after being sued by a Glasgow based law firm over unpaid bills. The club had enlisted the help of Levy & McRae when they were the subject of an investigation by UEFA concerning the sectarian singing of fans during a European tie against Dutch side, PSV Eindhoven. According to comments on the actual story the outstanding fine of £36,000 had been paid off but concerns were raised over a ‘lack of solvency’ by the law firm who were pursuing the unpaid bill. Nevertheless, the club has taken offense to the story with a spokesman claiming that the comments made in court by the firm regarding the solvency issue as “unfounded and unwarranted” deeming their remarks as “nothing more than scaremongering tactics”.

The general reaction from fans of the club has been mixed on several online forums with many expressing delight over the dissolution of the relationship with the Herald Group and some expressing concern that the whole matter is a smokescreen being used by the club to divert attention away from their financial crisis. There was also confusion among some fans as to why the club had severed ties with the newspapers.

So let’s get this straight. Rangers are gone in a huff because a paper has reported something factual that went court today.
Are Rangers fans really comfortable with their club trying to pull the wool over their eyes? – arabdelic

Other fans have criticised the move deeming it to be a petulant and desperate attempt by Rangers to cover up their almost certain plunge into administration by the end of the year. The club go on trial for tax evasion this November.

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