Biggest concerns about BBC Scotland budget cuts?

Cancellation of River city is the most mentioned, when discussing these incredibly huge budget cuts. Such a sad end of life for the long-term series, which joined many families together after dinner in front of the TV…

As addictive as national soap operas are, what about People who will lose their jobs? Not only actors and the cast of RC, but many others.

A friend of mine works for BBC radio, and has mentioned that this is not the first time staff has had to deal with cuts. Some of the coverages and reports, not vital to the main audience, like festivals and other music events, have been cancelled during the past year. Where is this going? 

Threats are that BBC 2 will be cancelled and there are opinions, which show what fiddling with TV programmes of BBC 2 and BBC Scotland would be understandable for some individuals.

Another angle from which to look at these, seemingly dramatic measures, would be the improvement of quality of Scottish BBC altogether. To mention, for example, BBC Aberdeen has been producing far less TV shows than before. That gives and idea that some shows on BBC 2 were probably meant to end soon, due to natural selection. Hypothetically, it  should improve BBC Scotland’s quality of entertainment by keeping only the most important news and most exciting shows.

What would be the general impacts of these cuts?

150 employees, most likely from background sections (marketing, finance etc as opposed to the primary – film crews, directors, reporters etc) would be made redundant.

Some programs, showed on BBc 2 would be cancelled. Logically, the choice of cancellation should be affected by the popularity of the show. It is not easy to get this impression if The River City is about to be cancelled with as many as half-million viewers every week, but BBC Alba remains strong with about 35 ooo. Though, to be fair, these are already old news. The most recent updates say that the River City cancellation has been just a widespread rumour (!).

Impacts briefly summarized, lead to conclusions.

BBC Scotland cuts are not a nationwide tragedy, but a healthy soil for rumours, which are easily spread, but harder to exterminate – just like weed.

BBC Scotland cuts might improve Scottish BBC TV. This is meant in a sense of forced selection of best programmes in a sequence of cancellation of BBC 2, but it is not a fact and it won’t be until 2014, when the new budget will become effective.

Another conclusion regarding this topic is probably that it is too early to try to measure consequences yet. The number – £16 million is the only thing which is set in stone yet. The way BBC Scotland will manage cuts still remains a question. People can judge, advise and criticize – and they have already started – but no more than few realistic solutions have been proposed.

Let’s wait and see where this is going. It shall be interesting to compare current impressions with the progress in near future.






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