BBC Scotland Cuts

By Amy Louise Grant

With an annual running cost of £2.4 billion, the BBC has decided to introduce spending cuts throughout the country with BBC Scotland being faced with a £16 million decrease in budget. With a cut this large it comes as no surprise that up to 150 redundancies are to be expected in Scotland alone.

With a new budget of £74 million annually compared to the current £80 million, BBC Scotland was also rumoured to be cancelling its soap “River City” which costs £7 million each year. As the only Scottish soap in existence many people took the opportunity to attempt to save it. RiverCityFans on Twitter had planned to organised a protest through its followers outside of BBC Scotland’s headquarters in Glasgow. The Save River City page on Facebook has 1,439 likes, was mentioned in the Sun and is filled with comments of support to try to persuade the BBC to keep their beloved soap. Yvonne Scott commented on Facebook:

“Save river city, we have a right to keep this on tv-after all we do pay our tv licence”.

Yvonne makes a good point, if people are paying their TV licences then why does the BBC feel the need to make cuts, but with other costs rising it could take an increase of the TV licence fee in order to secure the future of our favourite shows. However, it seems that the media attention gained by Save River City has worked and BBC Scotland has now stated that River City is safe.

On the other hand, if BBC Scotland is not going to save £7 million by axing River City then the money has to come from somewhere else. BBC Radio Scotland may cease to broadcast overnight and there are also to be cuts to sports reporting and factual programs. Formula One coverage will be halved as of next year with the majority of the races only being shown on Sky Sports which many loyal fans are outraged by. I Ogley commented on the Daily Finance:

“We lose a lot of sport on BBC, please not F1. Ditch the reality programmes and the awful soaps, plus so much football that it becomes boaring [sic] and never something to look forward to”.

Formula One is not the only sport to be affected by budget cuts, with rumors that Wimbledon and The Open Golf coverage are at high risk of cancellation it seems that very few sports will not be hit with cuts to their coverage and with so many sports fanatics in the UK desperate to watch their favourite shows, they may even consider paying extra to have access to Sky Sports. With the BBC already faced with controversy from other media groups, the cuts to BBC Scotland and the rest of the UK are not going to increase its popularity.

2 Responses

  1. “The Save River City page on Facebook has 1,439 likes”

    1,439 people actually watch River City?

  2. To be honest River City is a terrible programme with terrible actors, nevertheless it still does hold down an important job/skill base in Scotland which would be a shame to lose.
    It’s funny that we were discussing in the seminar that the BBC has a fixed income from the TV licensing fees, and yet they would rather cut local programming – costing people their jobs – in preference of paying ridiculous salaries to some of the irrelevant ‘faces’ and fat-cats at the BBC in London. Justice?

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