Rangers FC ends cooperation with Herald & Times Group

by Scott Thomson

Rangers FC withdrew cooperation with Herald & Times group on Friday 9th September after an article was published in The Herald on that Friday morning.

The ongoing saga which relates to Rangers and HMRC and the outstanding tax bills which could amount to over £54 million has been heavily reported on by The Herald group.

Rangers are currently being pursued by HMRC for two tax bills which suggest they are staring into the depths of financial ruin.

The article published on Friday 9th September titled ‘Rangers fail to pay 35k law firm bill’ details how one of Scotland’s top law firms, Levy and McRae, were expected to take Rangers FC to court over their failure to settle unpaid legal bills.

The bills come from advice given to Rangers on how to handle the Uefa Investigation into sectarian singing at away Europa League matches in early 2011.

Rangers were fined 40,000 euros by Uefa in March and away fans banned from admission into the ground for the next away European match after the chanting in Holland.

Rangers released the following statement on Friday 9th September, the day the article was published. A Rangers spokesman said:





The legal bill only adds further to the financial strain which currently hangs over the club and the fans want answers.


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