£16m budget cuts at BBC Scotland

The recent spending cuts of BBC Scotland is said to take its toll on all aspects of the multi media organisation and as a result, could effect future viewers, axeing 150 jobs and ultimately the reputation of Britian’s largest source of online media.

This morning it was announced that spending cuts are to be carried out within BBC Scotland. Cuts will be made to both television and radio, with rumours that the Glasgow based soap “River City”is to be axed for three months a year due to the severity of the cuts. However, viewers and fans of the programme have gathered together through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, with plan to organise petitions and rallies in opposition to the dicision.

Furthermore, the show has become popular with many members of the Scottish public stating mixed options, some very saddened and upset by the dramatic need for cuts; “They cant remove River City, I have been watching it since it started”, and others gladly letting the cuts progress, “I never really enjoyed it anyway”.


Lord Patten, chief of the BBC Trust joined “Good Morning Scotland”, the 8:15am radio show broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland today to underline the issues raised and rumours attached to the BBC Sotland cuts. He stated that the alligations to axe River City is exaggerated and “far fetched” and that the staffing cuts would not affect the programme quality, however, he did certify that cuts are taking place.

Aswell as he public interest and emotive action against the spending cuts, individuals have taken to forum and blogging sites to vocalise their thoughts about the future of BBC Scotland ” It’s BBC London’s fault for this mess, some of the networks have no bearing for most people up north”.

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