4chan – ?

Ever fancied browsing a website where for every funny picture you find you have to trawl through roughly 153 posts of outright racist material and dubious content? Then this is the site for you!
As a child of the internet generation I’ve grown up browsing and interacting throughout the years with various blogs, picture boards, forums, message boards and social networking sites. Giving love on Bebo, finding friends on various band website forums and being the witness to more than my fair share of terribly hilarious self-indulgent blogs from self-obsessed teenagers. However in all my days, I haven’t quite managed to find one so controversial and dividing as the 4chan posting board.

For those unfamiliar with the website, it is a site made up of a number of  picture and message boards, where various groups of anonymous users discuss topics and share ideas ranging (depending on which area of the site you are on) which was the best series of Dr. Who to which is your favourite gore fantasy-fiction picture of a Harry Potter character. It is also the land of the troll, a term that has recently garnered much press attention after the “trolling” of a young girls facebook memorial page who had committed suicide. To those who wish to know, a troll is a person who intentionally acts stupid or offensive in order to garner a response, usually to the effect of enraging or confusing the recipient of the trolling.

The most infamous of the boards available is the /b/ board, /b/ standing for random. It is filled with threads concerning all sorts of depraved imagery and comment about violent pornography, racism, stoner iconography and the occasional funny picture to top things off. It is an experience akin to seeing a clown entertaining you with a small joke before making fun of your heritage through name calling and then defecating on your favourite hat. And he then throws that hat away before you can wash it.

The best way, as with everything, is to experience it for yourself and see where a lot of internet pop-culture stems from. Just tread carefully and make sure you’re not on the receiving end of a harsh trolling.


6 Responses

  1. Sometimes I go on 4chan, because there is some hilarious pictures posted on it. However the vast majority of the site is full of porn or sick images so it’s not really a site I’d be recommending to folk.

  2. 4chan? Here?


    • It is probably one of the longest running social media sits on the web. Many pop-references originate on this site as does a number of news stories. Plus Anonymous had it’s origins on this site and still use it.

      If anything is belongs on here more so than tumblr or even google+.

      In a way 4chan is a the best example of what happens to social media sites if there is no moderation. Some good, some bad, some down-right disturbing, just like humanity.

  3. Could anyone give me an example of how a pop-reference has originated on this site?
    have checked this site just once. Should try again, but it just seemed too random.
    When checked animals section, there were posts of rotting scars, asking for advice on how to cure them. Didn’t look in Random section as i was advised so. Wouldn’t like to call myself faint-hearted, but ah, well..

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