One of the postcards sent in to the blog.

I don’t know how many people have yet heard of the blog If you have I’m sure it’s not something you’ve forgotten. The site’s format is that people anonymously send in a secret that they’ve never told written on a postcard. That then gets published onto the blog.

Some of the posts are really quite funny, (As a janitor for arrogant rich people, I hate working so I clean their keyboards with the toilet brush) others positively cringe-worthy (I accidentally caught my grandma masturbating. She doesn’t know I saw her. Now I feel sick whenever I see her and she hugs me). But there are some that really do tug at your heartstrings at make you feel for the people keeping these secrets. People afraid to come out as gay for fear of upsetting their parents, people contemplating suicide, people with eating disorders or who are terminally ill.

The catharsis it seems to offer people is incredible, letting them effectively vent their emotions while not having to actually reveal their secrets to the ones they love. If ever you’ve had one drink too many and told your problems to someone you met that night you’ll know the relief it offers when you can get a fresh perspective and not be worried about how your friends or family will judge you.

The site is also free from advertisements which makes it feel a lot more charitable than if it were plastered with ‘cheer yourself up and win a free ipad’ or ‘depressed? Try kitkat crunchie!’ There’s a community vibe akin to an alcoholics anonymous meeting where nobody judges and everybody is willing to listen and forgive.

It has been hailed by its creator Frank Warren as an ongoing community mail art project and the exhibition is currently touring the U.S. However, I think this is something of a dim-sighted view of the blog. It is an outlet where people feel safe to bare the deepest, darkest parts of their soul without retribution. Warren has created something unique and special and should take care to ensure that he treasures these people’s secrets that meant so much when they were written.


3 Responses

  1. I love PostSecret, but I always wonder what happens to the secrets that don’t get uploaded onto the blog (because there’s only so many that Frank can put on, after all.) I think this article pretty much sums up the vibe of PostSecret, with the sad/happy mix of cards sent in.

  2. Such a great way how to treat/cure soul through social media! Lovely

  3. Just had a look at this site for the first time, and I think it’s absolutely brilliant. It’s a fantastic anonymous way for users to vent their emotions in such a public manner. But also, it’s a form of art, there’s a creative aspect to it. Hats off to the creators.

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