I’m not saying there isn’t regret, I’m just saying don’t let it stop you!

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that ‘regret’ as a reason not to get a tattoo is laughable. Everything in life can be regretted given enough time, a house, a car, a relationship, that last slice of pie when you knew that the previous 3 were 2 too much.
Tattoos are seen as an indulgence and do cost a lot of money, so do TVs, computers and cars, should we stop purchasing them? All relationships (whether they end or not) leave a mark on a person, that should we stop entering into them?
Getting a tattoo removed or inked over is just as difficult and time consuming as selling a house or car or getting over a relationship.
The important thing is that the design of your tattoo is given as much thought as you would other substantial acquisitions, be it house, car, or pie.
Giving thought into an idea that is important to you or sums up feelings that you can’t express verbally are considerations when getting a tattoo. One thing you should never do when getting inked is to think about how it looks to other people, tattoos should be about what it important to you.
I recently had a cherry blossom branch finished and it means a lot to me, I love it. When asked in 30 years time how I feel about it, I may say I regret it, but that hasn’t stopped me today.
I think I’ll live for now, not then.

2 Responses

  1. Tattoo discussions are fun. Comparing it with a pie is the first one, hehe! Think there are 3 types of people: ones that are not interested, ones that have a tattoo and are done, and ones that have one and another one, and another one…..
    Yours is cool!
    There’s a relevant saying: Don’t regret what you’ve done, because you’ll have to regret things you haven’t done.

  2. Got into an argument with my mum this weekend over tattoos, she said that indeed she regrets her own and was a bit upset when I told her what I wanted to get, telling me I’d regret it myself. Personally though I think it’s a little like storytelling, in 20 years I’ll look back and think: “oh that’s what I was like back then..I remember…”

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