Knitting Is A Craft On The Rise

by Rachel Small

Knitting is a craft on the rise – the introduction of more fashionable patterns, new yarns and celebrity endorsements. Another reason for the rise in popularity of knitting is the economic downturn and the rise of ‘make ‘n’ mend’ society. Why pay more money for something when you could make it yourself. In a time of mass production it is nice to create something unique, something personal and something that no one else has. Knitwear can be adapted for your own size, shape and personal style. To see an item take shape on your needles, something that you or your family will treasure is a pleasure.

I knit simply for the enjoyment of it. In my mind there is nothing better –  the anticipation of casting on, seeing the pattern take shape on the needles, the rush of casting off and having a completed item (unless you’re knitting socks in which case you have to repeat the process all over again!).

Knitting is an excellent hobby – it is portable, a small project will easily fit in the bottom of a bag and makes bus journeys fly by(still haven’t worked out how to get my knitting needles on a plane without being arrested!), simple and most importantly fun! There are millions of variations; you can knit the most intricate lace shawls or the simplest baby blankets, colourful  teddy bears or beautiful jumpers, .You can knit with the most expensive cashmere yarn, organic wool, bamboo fibre yarn, the list is endless.

I should warn you, before you start knitting that it can be dangerous – there are hazards involved, I’m not talking about sitting on your needles. The lure of the yarn shop can be strong once you start knitting you may develop a yarn addiction. My stash of yarn first outgrew my knitting bag and then various boxes and is now migrated to various drawers.  I have been known to buy yarn that is ‘too good to knit with’.

If you would like to get started there are many groups where beginners are welcomed in local libraries or community centres. There is also a wealth of information on the internet. Sites like Knitting Pattern Central have thousands of free patterns for everything from hats to hoodies and blankets to booties.

The best way to learn how to knit is by doing, so pick up some needles, cast on and GET KNITTING!


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  1. Although when i think of knitting i picture my Nan sitting by the fire, i agree that making your own clothes in any form; from customizing to physically stitching together, is a brilliant way to save cash. One of my friends made her Prom dress from scratch and saved 2/3 of the price it would have cost her.

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