Has social media taken over speech?


It is becoming more and more common for young individuals and teenagers to sign up and create accounts for social networking sites. Although this way of communication has transformed the ability to meet new people from all over the world and has increased the speed of communication, with many networking sites promoting an instant messaging application and even video calling. These aspects of social networking sites have increased their popularity amongst business users and furthermore increased their advertising capacity.

Although there are many positive aspects to the development and technology involved in social media and its growth over the past 10 years, there are faults which still remain concerning the involvement of teenager and underage children using these sights as an alternative way of talking to friends, will tweeting, messaging, posting and blogging take over from speaking face to face and holding conversations in person? Will new generations of youths, make conversation merely by typing in abbreviated sentences and winking faces, rather than conversing like all the generations before?

It is hard to imagine how the future will develop, and with it the world of social networking. It is clear that social media and social networking have created great means of communication and growth amongst businesses and organisations. Furthermore, up and coming music groups and artists have used social media to increase fans and views via podcasts and performance videos.

On the other hand, is social media just a lazy way of communication? speaking to people who stay minutes away, or people you have just speaking with. And is everything we speak about important? or is it just an excuse to speak, an excuse just to say you have been on Facebook, or MySpace, or twitter today ?

What happened to just speaking to one another? has it become so difficult?


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