Facebook and Blogger – A Match Made In Heaven?

It’s no secret that Facebook is one of (if not the) top social media sites in the world. With over 800 million users worldwide, they must be doing something right, but just what is it that attracts so many of us to this gigantic internet machine? And why do many people use it over other social media such as Blogger?

Both Facebook and Blogger have massive advantages. My cousin recently moved to China to study for a year and regularly posts blogs to keep friends and family updated. You may argue that he could do this by posting a status on Facebook. However, I know that if a massive status appears on my homepage I’ll skip straight past it, usually not even registering who the author was. This is because Facebook is regularly a mechanism for wasting time. Whereas if I go on to his blog, I set aside time to look at it and know what I’m going to read. Much like sitting down and reading The Guardian rather than skimming over the BBC news website. You also don’t need to be registered to Blogger to read their blogs, meaning that it’s really simple for anyone to go on and read what Sam’s been up to.

Both Facebook and Blogger make the world a smaller place. At the moment I’m trying to keep in touch with my cousin in China, my best friend whose studying in Prague and new friends that I made while visiting Tanzania over the summer. As I said Blogger is a fantastic resource for reading stories and anecdotes about Sam’s time in China, but nothing quite compares to “chatting” to Zubayr in Prague or people in Tanzania. The obvious downfall of this is that both parties have to be online at the same time (which is a particular problem for the Tanzanians due to regular power shortages and the two-hour time difference).

A Match Made In Heaven?

I believe that both Facebook and Blogger compliment each other and should be used together. There’s no reason why I can’t read Sam’s blog and then chat to him on Facebook.While it’s good to hear funny anecdotes about people’s trips on Blogger, there’s nothing quite like just asking how people are and having a two-way conversation on Facebook.


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