“Prepare yourselves for the evolution of social networking”

I stumbled across this article in the early hours of this morning and in my sleep deprived state I sat and pondered.

The article hypes the latest announcement that as of today there will be a number of significant changes to that oh-so-addictive facebook site that will “revolutionise” social networking as we know it. Being the stereotypical cynical teenager that I am this news has little to no impact on my life other than perhaps the potential deletion of my account but yet I am still curious as to what Mr Zuckerberg is offering us this time, another pointless list feature? a chat function that still doesn’t work?

Anyone else have any thoughts or theories as to what these new exciting features will hold and how indeed, will they revolutionise our social networking experience-if at all? Or maybe you’re like me, and just don’t care…


One Response

  1. Facebook was fine months ago, before they started all these updates and new things on the site. The ticker box is probably the most annoying thing.

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