Facebook, I don’t even recognise you anymore.

by Christopher Martin

So I had gotten home from uni, logged onto my computer, opened Facebook, logged in, and BAM, wow, right, what is this? I mean it says Facebook in the top left corner of the window, but this cannot be right. I mean there is so much junk, so much irrelevant information splashed across the screen, I must have entered the incorrect URL or something.

Well at first glance those were my thoughts, and having spent around 3 or 4 hours on the “new” Facebook, “new” meaning an inadequate waste of web space, I still can’t say I’ve taken very kindly to it. In all honesty, I can’t say I think my opinion will change in the near future. The features which had been gradually integrated into Facebook in the past, such as the chat function, and the ability to video call, were useful, unquestionably. In fact I welcomed those with open arms, the adjustment, for me at least, was immediate. But I can’t help but think the changes made to Facebook in the last 24 hours have made any form of difference to the level of enjoyment I have or the ease of sociability there is when using the site. So, what exactly was it that riled me enough to write this blog I hear you say. Well I’ll tell you, I promise I won’t swear, or at least I’ll try.

Well to begin with, the first new feature I came across was the real-time “Ticker” box found on the near side of the Facebook home screen. The purpose of which is to allow you to see everything, and I mean EVERYTHING which your friends are doing, most of which is completely irrelevant. I don’t want to know what person X thinks about the new series of Vampire Diaries, I don’t want to read another’s comments on Justin Bieber’s photos, and I especially do not want to see the cringe worthy wall posts a so-called “in love” couple have been sending one another for days on end. I don’t care, I am not interested one tiny bit, sodding real-time.

On top of this Zuckerberg had the audacity to jumble up Facebook’s news feed itself, yes Facebook now decides which “top stories” to display on the new integrated homepage. I have no idea what the system is for deciding that some news is superior to others, not a clue. According to my current “top stories” section the top news today is. . that a girl has dyed her hair brown (fantastic!), that a guy scored in a Sunday league football game (woooopeee!), and that most ironically of all, everyone hates the new Facebook. So yeah, nothing ground breaking or interesting there to be classed as a “top” story (*sigh*) but I certainly agree with the general feeling of aggravation towards the “new” Facebook, as you may have guessed.

However it isn’t all doom and gloom, today in Facebook’s F8 conference it was revealed that Facebook are planning on amalgamating a “timeline” into its current interface. This timeline will enable users to essentially see the bigger picture; they will be able to see just how their lives have changed since the beginning of their Facebook usage. Users will be able to see photos, status updates, and life events as they have unfolded across time via the social networking site, meaning essentially in years and years time, they can look back and reminisce about their lives with fond memories. I welcome this idea, because Facebook for me is a big part of my life socially, and the idea of looking back in perhaps 30 or 40 years in the future at my time in uni, and remembering the great nights out I had, and the people I met, would be epic. That’s if I can remember the drunken nights out.. probably not.

So in conclusion then, Facebook has taken 2 steps back and 1 step forward, unfortunately. The current Facebook has just tried too hard to be the social web cornerstone it previously established itself as. Let’s hope, by some miracle Zuckerberg reads this and all will be well again.


4 Responses

  1. I couldn’t agree more with this! It’s a ridiculously pointless transformation!

  2. Facebook wasn’t born fully formed from the head of Zeus, this is just another in a long line of changes. People are being quite vocal about it, but that’s just because Facebook gives them a chance to broadcast anything that comes to mind. Nobody is deleting their accounts over this. It’s nothing.

    And to the people that complain about everybody’s pointless statuses popping up at the side of their page: if you don’t want to hear about the day-to-day minutia of the people in your life, then why are you on Facebook? That is pretty much the whole point.

    People just want something to moan about.

  3. I agree with both of you here. Facebook has gone through a pointless transformation, although one that didn’t faze me in the least. We will always have people moaning about these changes but, to be fair, things need to be adapted to slowly become better.

  4. I completely love this piece. I love the way you incorporated your humour into this, and you can really feel what exactly you are feeling. In fact, because I know you, I can actually hear you saying this in my head!
    Of course people are going to moan about this for days, even weeks. And as ‘megaboyd’ said, fair enough if we were all that bothered then we would delete our accounts. But for me facebook is my link to everyone I know, which is extremely handy seeing that my friends are all over Scotland now that we’ve all moved on to university. So no matter how bad the changes are that facebook make, I won’t delete it. But that doesn’t mean I agree with the changes that facebook are making, cause I 100% don’t!
    Facebook is meant to be easy to use and see what all your friends are saying, but these new changes have just overcomplicated the site and filled it up with junk- it just looks messy!

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