YouTube Review

By Josiah Whitworth                                                                                                  

YouTube is a predominantly a video sharing website, a way for people to view any number of videos of any topic free of charge. It has become one of the largest and most visited websites on the internet, notching up millions of views every day and becoming an integrated part of life for many internet users.

The thing that makes this site perhaps better and more attractive than other similar video sharing sites however is the community within. Users have the ability to comment on videos, subscribe to their favorite regular up-loaders and upload their own videos. In addition to this you can become friends with other users and have discussions with each others profile pages. These online capabilities have been used as powerful promoting tools by some of the biggest powers in the world from US election presidential candidates to Justin Bieber. Unfortunate.  Charlie Bit Me became the most watched video in internet’s history, with over three hundred and seventy four million views since it’s upload in May 2007. This shows the mass impact a video can have when uploaded to YouTube and, I think it is this fact that keeps people coming back again and again. With forty-eight hours of video post every minute, this is everyone’s chance for thier video to be viewed by the world.

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