Tumblr is a free to use social media website with over 6 million subscribers that is quickly increasing in size.

Tumblr users can post public, or private blogs, allowing friends, followers, or complete strangers to read and share views, thoughts or opinions. The Q&A system also allows users to discuss and debate the blog posts of other members, this helps encourage healthy discussion and debate on a wide range of topics.

This social media outlet is extremely easy to use with a very simple, yet eloquent appearance, allowing users to create colourful and eye-catching profiles. Tumblr is a social media outlet that is very quickly adapted to, especially for users more familiar to Twitter or Facebook.

Members can syncronise their social networking with other websites, such as Facebook, this allows followers to keep up-to-date with any blogs or posts made by the user, whether it be on Facebook, or Tumblr.

Tumblr offers its members the opportunity to be part of, or form a large, world-wide community with hundreds, even thousands of followers, all with the same views, thoughts and tastes.This is an extremely useful tool for young, aspiring journalists or entrepreneurs and is an excellent platform from which to launch a career, gain recognition or meet new contacts.

Many companies also see Tumblr as an excellent platform by which to advertise and promote brands or products, aswell as also gain customer feedback. With social media playing a massive role in today’s youth, companies are increasingly using Tumblr to get involved with current and potential customers.


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