Tumblr Review

Tumblr is a free blogging website which has attracted13.4 milliion visitors and with over 5 billion posts from its’ bloggers, it is no wonder it has been ranked the 10th most popular social media site in the world.

Tumblr not only gives opportunities to share articles, reviews and opinions but can also be used to demonstarte an individuals’ talent in photography, film making or even singing. Thus meaning Tumblr.com is a platform for many new and upcoming talents, perhaps one of the reasons so many people visit the site on a daily basis.

The site prides itself on being “The easiest way to blog.” And with a user-friendly interface anyone visiting the site would be swayed in to feeling the same way. The homepage is easy to navigate your way around, but like any other social media website, it does take a while to feel completely comfortable and confident with. With easy and clear options and instructions on how to post the feel of the site quickly becomes familiar and within seconds you can have be up and blogging if you are new to Tumblr.

The site gives each user their own unique profile, which includes anything they wish to post about, whether it be fashion or politics, animals or sport, the user can use their blog as they wish, there are no limits as to what you can post about. The profile can not only be used in anyway, but can look anyway too. The pre-set theme and layout of a profile is not mandatory, there are multiple backgrounds and themes which makes the site exciting as each page is unique. Not only are these good to look at but are fun to play about with, experimenting with the appearance of your page.

You can follow other bloggers and they can follow you, giving you alerts when a new post appears on your timeline. These new posts can also be posted to your Twitter or Facebook account, meaning friends and followers on there can see your thoughts and opinions whether they have Tumblr or not. Proving that Tumblr really is accesible to use for everyone.




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