Tumblr: Facebooks Bohemian Cousin

by Jack Smith

Like the majority of social networking sites today, Tumblr is a free service which allows its users to blog, as well as upload any text, audio, video, pictures or particular quotes which they find interesting and worthy of sharing with the world. It is perhaps not as well publicised as other sites, yet there are a growing number of people who are joining up to the site since it started in 2007.

There seems to have been a bit of a difference in audience that is attracted to the upcoming Tumblr than there is to the more mainstream sites. Those general vibe of it, is that it is used by a more bohemian, perhaps artsy group of users who are not too keen on the idea of joining the ever increasing bandwagon which Facebook has become. On top of this, the blogs themselves are allowed to be lengthy, something that twitter does not (only providing 140 characters per tweet), so the user would be able to describe their views and opinions in detail without the need to repeatedly create separate messages.

Tublr allows people to share their views in the world, with a lesser risk of being abused or suffering from cyber bullying which has increased furthermore on Facebook. It is the social networking site to visit if you do not want to be seen as one the the the herd, something different, a more exciting way of social networking. In order to scale to the heights of the likes of Facebook and Twitter, Tumblr has some way to go, however with its growing number of users, the mainstream may be the ones who eventually tumble.


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