Stumble Upon A Review

by Michael Millar

Stumble Upon is a social media site which combines both social networking with internet searching. The site displays web pages for you to visit by determining your interests and by showing websites that come recommended from your friends and “like-minded Stumblers”. By clicking the “Stumble” button, users find a new type of web surfing experience that is directly catered to them. This eliminates much of the hassle from wading through countless search engine pages to find something that may interest you. Stumble Upon already knows what you’re interested and it’s here to allow you to explore your passions in an easy and engaging manner.

The site also allows connectivity with Facebook and Twitter which means that can enjoy Stumble Upon whilst still connecting with friends who have not yet discovered it. The recommendations of websites are based on a “Thumbs up/Thumbs down” rating system which determines website quality. If like-minded Stumblers do not find a recommended site enjoyable then you will not have to bear it. It’s a snowballing effect of gathering common interests to give you a varied and unique journey on the web.

Between the 15 million users all posting from mobile and web browser applications there is sure to be a tremendous range of interests that are covered by the Stumble Upon engine. The site allows you to choose between 500 topics to indicate your interests and assure you that only the most relevant search results are posted to you. Between your indicated interests and your friends recommendations, Stumble Upon seems like a great investment for those looking to discover enjoyable content from the web.

Stumble Upon has found a far more personal way to allow people to look at the internet and provides a viable alternative to the robotic churning of Google or Yahoo.


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