Social Media Site- Mumsnet

‘Mumsnet’ is a social media site which is directed towards parents. They are encouraged to unite together to discuss their opinions on various subject matters through the use of blogs. The subject matters can vary from petty things like whether someone is a ‘S.MO.G (Smug Mum of Girls)’ or not to their best buys of the week to the leading stories of politics.  This means that the blog is catered for all parents no matter what their interests are. The blog has attracted a variety of new bloggers to join in the discussions including the likes of David Miliband. ‘Mumsnet’ is clearly not going to be the next Facebook or where you would  post about your weekend antics, instead it reaches out for people to discuss their honest and diverse opinions on what is going on in the world.

I feel that Mumsnet will be a good point of reference in the future to discover what the real publics’ honest opinions are as they range from one extreme to another on the social site. In my opinion some of what is on the site is petty and not worth reading, but then you will get this on all social media sites these days which have been clogged up by what someone looks upon as rubbish and what someone else may see it as enjoyable.


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