Social Media Site – Friends Reunited

Friends Reunited is a social networking website that allows users to search for old friends and never lose touch from their past.  It allows you to search millions of people at schools, colleges, universities, workplaces, clubs, streets, armed forces and groups.  You can share posts and videos to your friends and family and celebrate big events on a timeline.

The site is now free to use (it used to cost £7.50) and also allows you to communicate with friends about things you have in common like your hobbies and interests.  You can meet new people on the site and share advice and experiences about anything in life.  It was thought up by husband and wife, Steve and Julie Pankshurt from Barnet in 1999 and aimed to exploit a gap in the British market for such a website after the success of the American website

The, in an online article in 2003, stated that employers were using Friends Reunited as a third reference for future employees, using the site to measure a person’s suitability and attitude for the potential job.

Friends Reunited was the first social networking website to rise to prominence in Britain, and up until 2009 it was owned by ITV plc.  Brightsolid Ltd, a firm belonging to DC Thomson, now owns Friends Reunited after buying it for £25million.


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