Review on Twitter

By Amy Louise Grant


Twitter is a social media website designed to allow users from around the world to express their views on different topics in short statements of 140 characters or less. It was created in 2006 by Jack Dorsey who had the idea of using a type of text messaging that allowed people to communicate with a small group of others. Over the past few years, Twitter has gained rapidly in popularity with everyone from celebrities to politicians noticing the potential it has to communicate their opinions to the mass market or encourage them to purchase products that they endorse. Twitter has many more functions than just having the ability to tweet a single thought. Users are able to view trending topics worldwide or in their own country and can hash tag the key words to allow other users to see their opinions on the matter. Twitter has also closed the gap between the general public and the celebrity as by using the @ sign, Tweeters can send direct messages to their idols. Many influential figures from the political world have been known to use Twitter as part of their campaigns, Barack Obama is one example. He cleverly used Twitter on a regular occasion to connect with potential voters and to make them feel that he was approachable.

Twitter has also been in the news recently as some witty individuals decide to Tweet from the prospective of fictional characters such as Lord Voldemort and give what they feel their opinions on current affairs would be. Another example of this is when a cobra escaped from Bronx Zoo in New York and a Twitter account was set up for it detailing his visits to tourist attractions such as the Empire State Building, not exactly front page news but an amusing way to spend a couple of minutes of your day.

Overall I feel that Twitter is an extremely useful website for discussion of serious matters and allowing the general public a space to voice their opinions, its potential in the future will continue to grow and it will only be a matter of time until most of the population can be found on Twitter.

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