Myspace Review is a social media website which describes itself as a “leading social entertainment destination”.

This site is home to Myspace Music, a popular platform for up and coming artists to promote their music and image. Artists are able to create profiles which allow them to share their music, videos and pictures on the web. Aimed at a young generation, this site is easy to use and a fantastic tool for new musicians. Perhaps an alternative way to become recognised without resorting to the formulaic X Factor approach used by other of the industries hopefuls.

Myspace is also used in a similar way to Facebook or Bebo, with profiles not necessarily centred around music. These members use the site for messaging friends, outlining their own interests in music, film and books. Perhaps these pages have what may be viewed as a more dated look, however the pure simplicity is a superb attribute to attract a technophobe such as myself.

As a neutral who has never used Myspace previously I found the site refreshingly simple and eye catching. The homepage set up is immediately attractive and gives the opportunity to browse without becoming embroiled in signing up on first visit. Myspace allows you to view music, video, games and topics for discussion making for a pleasant experience, and enticing you to become a member without the wearing demand to become a member or had over any details. The personal and band profiles were brief and interesting, with links to matters of interest. The opportunity to become engaged in debates or to be the first to hear the next big artist spreads the appeal of Myspace to all social spectrums and has the potential to be a fascinating social media site.


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