LiveJournal Review

by Owen O’Donnell

LiveJournal is a somewhat obscure social networking site in the United Kingdom with a large usage in the United States. It combines the social networking aspect of adding “friends” to your page in addition to keeping an online blog.The site was launched in April 1999 and allowed users to keep an online journal of subjects that they wished to express an opinion about. The site is unique in the respect that it also allows users to add ‘friends’ which in turn has transformed the site into an online community where people who share similar interests can communicate with each other by commenting on each others pages and displaying the most recent entries by friends on their home page.

The overwhelming majority (95%) of users have a basic account, however, there is the option for some users to pay for their account in order to have more sponsorship of their blog, these users also have access to additional features such as the ability to post “voice posts” where entries can be recorded.

The U.K. has the 3rd highest amount of users at 450,000 behind the United States and Russia who respectively have 4,800,000 and 1,500,000 users each.

As someone who does not actively use LiveJournal, I can see that this site is a useful tool for aspiring writers who wish to raise their online profile and talk to like-minded people.  However, I don’t really see the possibility of the site becoming more popular due to the fact that it appears to lack the appeal that Facebook and Twitter has to the online community who enjoy to keep their own rants and opinions short and sweet, largely in internet shorthand at that.

As not everyone longs to be a writer, a social networking site based on sharing one’s views in substantial depth will ultimately not appeal to everyone.


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