By Eilidh Walker is a social media website, aimed at professionals. Its website offers its members an online platform for professionals to network on a global level. It has proved very useful in a corporate environment, offering a more mature and workplace friendly social media experience. It is also viewed as a useful tool in the job market,with potential job seekers using professional contacts and networks to not only find new jobs but also to diversify into different fields of industry. In addition provides the opportunity to seek advice from those professionals best placed to provide assistance. I think that is a very useful social media site for professionals and also a useful tool in the job hunting market in a more appropriate professional manner compared to that of other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter for example. I don’t think that this site will be threatening vast amounts of the market share compared to its well established competitors with the general public but I think it will continue to be a useful networking tool for professionals in the future.


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