Last.Fm is a music based social media site which allows you to interact with other users with similar musical tastes as well as find great new music from your favourite artists and even recommending others you may enjoy!

Using a plug-in called Scrobbler, which is available for various media players, internet radio stations and websites and even now straight from your iPhone,  it builds a detailed profile of your music tastes and allows your friends to see exactly what you are listening to at that very moment. Don’t worry though, for those moments you want to listen to Britney’s greatest hits on repeat it’s easy to turn off with a simple click.

Using the database of music you collate through scrobbling it also provides you with a few fantastic recommendations providing you with instant access to the newest albums from your favourited artists as well as their up and coming events in your local area.

When you get sick of listening to the same old music you can also look under the recommended section, which uses previous music you listen to, combined with the other 50 billion scrobblers to give you a list of artists you may be interested in.

This is also available through the radio feature, which combines a playlist of songs from various artists based on your choice of just one artist.

Personally I agree with the 50 billion active users of Last.Fm- being a big music buff myself it provides me with everything I need in one easy webpage.

For those of you who use (or hopefully after this post decide to use) Last.Fm then feel free to add me here and nosey at my, if I do say so myself, impeccable music taste.


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