Grooveshark Review

by Katie McKinnon

Grooveshark is a site where users can stream music for free, similar to or Spotify.

As with most live streaming music sites users have options to create playlists and to share then with friends. Grooveshark has a large range of music from across the spectrum. The homepage has a search bar where you would type the artist or song you would like to listen to, but it also has options to listen to the radio, to create new playlists, to “See What the Sharks are Listening To”, which links you to a page where you can see what other users have ‘favourited’ recently.

Users can choose to create a password-protected profile, to save your favourite songs to, to save playlists to and to listen and comment on other people’s playlists. This service is completely free. Thus Grooveshark advertises both on their pages, side-bars and basement-bars, and play audio adverts inbetween songs. However Grooveshark offers listeners the opportunity to pay for their music needs. Users can pay to not hear or see adverts. I’m not sure there are many people who mind enough to do so, but the option is there. It also allows bigger bandwidth to paying customers.

When choosing a track it gives you the option to “Play Now” or to “Add to Playlist”. It also has options to actually buy the music and to share the music to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Stumble Upon and Widget.

Overall, Grooveshark appears to be a Hub of music lovers, letting people listen to the things they love for free is definitely helping them garner internet interest.

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