by Rachel Small

Today Google has opened their social network Google+ up so that anyone can join. If you go on to Google and click on You+ you can get your own Google Plus account. But why bother? You have a Facebook page, all of your friends are on there and frankly you can’t be bothered tying in everyone’s emails. Hell you don’t even know your friends email addresses anymore. This was my reaction when a couple of months ago a friend posted  (on Facebook ironically  -‘I have access to google plus does anyone want me to add them?’). My curiosity got the better of me and I took him up on his offer.


There are five buttons at the top of your Google plus screen; stream – this is where all of your friends posts appear, photos, profile – this is the place where you can see of your +1’s . +1’s are things you see at various sites across the Internet they can be photos , videos, posts on blogs  or games. All you have to do to add a +1 is click on the button. A list of +1’s built up over time would be a lot more informative than a list of likes on Facebook.. The third button is circles this is – in my opinion the best part of Google+ – your circles is where you keep all of the people you add or who add you on Google+.  You can have, as many circles as you like but the ones you start off with are family, friends, acquaintances and following. You can post different things to different circles. So maybe that girl you met that one time at that thing you went to doesn’t need to know every detail of your life – put her in your acquaintances circle. Want to shield mum and dad from what you really get up to, that’s what the family circle is for.  The last button is games.


But there are some problems with Google+ the main one being that there are not enough people signed up yet. Once more people make the switch from Facebook Google+ will really come into its own.


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