Flixster: A haven for movie lovers

By Richard Jones

Not to be to self involved, but I do consider myself to be somewhat of an all round movie aficionado. As such, I was absolutely overcome with joy when I stumbled across the niche social networking site ‘Flixster’. No self-respecting cinema goer should ever be to far away from the site’s grasp.

The website’s central idea is that users can upload their own reviews of the most up to date movies as well as having the chance to rate the best and worst of today’s film roster. I was first impressed by the site’s simple yet attractive layout. I don’t know about you, but when I first started using Facebook many moons ago, I was left wondering how anyone could manage to fill so much of their time on a website that seemed to have very little to offer. The front page is crisp and clean. Flixster offers a site that is far easier to navigate than most of it’s social networking rivals.

The website also impressed me as it offered something that I didn’t expect from it. Not only are you able to rate and share your movie experiences, but users are also able to meet other, like-minded movie buffs.

However, as is the case with all of its competitors, Flixster suffers from the same insufferable advertising that can really hinder these websites. Unfortunately some of the more in your face adverts took away from the site’s slick and polished finish.

Despite this, I will certainly be visiting Flixster again (and downloading the app). The site impressed me and not just because it offers me, and many others, an outlet for my pent-up movie madness but because I was pleased to find that the greatest movie of all time- The Lion King- had received an honorable, if under-rated, 89% approval.

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