Comment is Free – Review

Comment is free is a site set up by the Guardian online. It includes various articles written on a range of subjects from war reporting to computer game reviews. These articles are produced by the Guardians staff writers but also features contributions from experts in areas such as politics.

The appeal of this site, however, is not only the articles but the comments that people leave about them after they have read them.

This allows users of the site to voice their opinions about the subject matter of an article or on the article itself. This often leads to debates between users and, occasionally, the authors of the original article.

This provides users with the ability to involve themself in a real-time discussions with other users and gives them the opportunity to agree or argue with the writer moments after the article has been posted on the site.

I have used this site for about a year now and find it incredibly addictive.

Much like other social sites ‘like’ option comment is free allows you to ‘recommend’ a users comment.

It is a very satisfying feeling when you notice that you have received far more recommendations on a comment you made to an author during an argument than one the author has made back at you.

It is a brilliant site to sign up to, especially if you read the Guardian.


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