Blogger Review

Blogger, or Blogspot as is it also known, is one of the most successful and  blog sites used today. It is a relatively new thing for me, so although I won’t be posting my blog here just yet I have been very happy with my experience so far. As a newbie to the blogging world I found it very easy to create my site and article. Since then, playing around with the endless options, I have been able to create a blog which no longer looks quite so amateur and that may actually attract followers, if my rambling about clothes doesn’t put them off!

Blogger’s simple layout and endless designs are not all it has to offer. Hundreds of professional journalists and thousands of kids aspiring to change the world from their bedrooms make up an endless library of opinion, facts, fiction and advice. An easy way to specialise in any subject, no matter how abstract, Blogger has changed lives and created opportunities for those who are simply passionate enough to write about what they love. Lily Melrose, a fashion blogger who has used the site for years now, won a competition with Look magazine for her blog. She is now interning with Motel and is heavily involved in London Fashion Week.

A unparralled way to get your voice heard for the first time, I recommend everyone has a blog. Even if it is only to vent your frustrations of the day. Blogger is certainly a simple way to start that and you never know where your writing may lead.


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