I actually posted this onto the ‘good sites’ section of the blog earlier on this week but I think it’s a really good social media site so I decided to tell you all about it again. http://www.fashiolista.com is simple and easy to use a site whereby you download a button onto your toolbar and start ‘liking’ any clothes, accessories, etc that take your fancy online.

You can then visit the site whenever you want to see what trends are emerging and whether or not anyone has liked something you found. It’s revolutionary in that pictures prevail over words.. You see the items rather than hearing about them and know exactly where to find them. Unlike reading a magazine and seeing a pair of shoes, then going into the shop to find that they’re sold out or buying them and suffering the dreaded realisation that every girl in the area has already bought them, you’re able to see whether they’re popular (good or bad thing?) and buy them with a click.

It’s a very fast-paced site, also. You miss a week on fashiolista and you’re behind the times which is something we’ve seen to be inherent in the culture of social media itself. Yet it’s a site which will be vital for the career of a fashion journalist to stay ahead of the curve and keep in touch with the street style that can often pass magazines by. It’s also a great way to find sites such as lazyoaf.com and vivienofholloway.com that stock unique items without that familiar smell of Topshop or Urban Outfitters about them.

So go forth, fashiolistas, and use the little red button to your heart’s desire. It will, most likely, end up in you spending far too many hours scouring lesser-known sites for pieces that haven’t yet been found. But when there’s every chance your portfolio might lead to becoming an online fashion sensation that’s a risk that seems completely worth taking.

2 Responses

  1. An interesting site – that I haven’t yet come across. I wonder – is there advertising on the site and does it link in with what your “likes” are? It is all set up for some tailor-made advertising…

  2. That’s actually a great question. I just went onto the site to have a little look and realised that Fred Perry were advertising their A/W collection on my homepage.. I have previously “liked” a Fred Perry polo. It’s obviously VERY subliminal and extremely clever.

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