Another Reputation In Tatters

An article on The Guardian website caught my attention this evening, which I feel is a prime example of certain tabloid newspapers continuing to be extremely biased towards individuals, who find themselves wrongly accused of terrible crimes. These allegations, as discussed in today’s tutorial, can ruin the reputation of these individuals and put them at very high risk of being attacked by members of the public.

The article featured on The Guardian website is about Rebecca Leighton who, many of you will know, was falsely accused of tampering with saline solutions in Stepping Hill Hospital that caused the death of seven patients.

Rebecca has recently spoken out about her ordeal and has claimed that the media painted such a negative picture of her, that it caused her to be refused bail. She also goes on to say that she is unable to walk outside her door without people taking pictures of her and is constantly in fear of being attacked.

Rebecca has been thrown into the public eye without having any choice in the matter and has been portrayed in such a negative way by certain newspapers that she is now unable to live a normal life. As a nurse of 27, she still has a full career ahead of her but may continue to face abuse and negative interactions from patients and their families if she returns to nursing, after all would you trust a member of your family in the care of a nurse who had been dubbed an “angel of death”?

Here is the article from The Guardian:


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  1. The same thing happened recently to Chris Jefferies, the landlord of Jo Yeates. Trial by media seems to be becoming more widespread in this country.

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