Where Is The Morality?

Having just read this news article on the BBC News website (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-14957098) I am shocked and appalled at what I’ve read. I cannot believe that a mother would be so irresponsible, so heartless, and so downright mindless to disown her own newborn child. Every child deserves a decent upbringing, and if assuming the woman in question does not claim responsibility of her son, then Charlie (as the nurses have named him) will struggle to find his feet in this world. I hope for his sake that his mother does the right thing and takes Charlie under her wing, surely she must realise what a terrible thing she has done by leaving him on his own.

Of course there’s every possibility that she could have a mental illness, and if this is the case then she clearly needs help and support to raise the child (if she’s fit enough to do so). Charlie needs a mother who can support, care and love him, and if she does have poor mental health then she may be incapable of looking after him. Illness or no mental illness, I hope she is tracked down for the sake of her son, and I hope she is given all the support and help she needs to help give Charlie what every child needs; a good childhood.


2 Responses

  1. While I agree with most of what you say, you have to be careful in jumping to conclusions. You write that the woman was “irresponsible, so heartless, and so downright mindless” but at the same time say “Charlie needs a mother who can support, care and love him”. If she is unable to give any of this kind of support then perhaps giving him up is the best thing she could have done.

  2. You’ve got to wonder whether the child is better off without her. Foster parents would provide the love and support that this woman is clearly unable or unwilling to.

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