BBC Article

Hey guys! Not sure if you saw this article on the BBC website, but I thought it was really relevant to what we were speaking about on Wednesday, so thought I’d share it!


3 Responses

  1. People can’t blame social media for inciting anything, because the vast majority use it as a social and peaceful way of talking to people without being face-to-face. It just so happens that SOME people used it to organise or ‘rally’ others to riot.

    That article is a good read especially how we were speaking about it on Wednesday.

  2. Social Media isnt the problem here, its the small minority of criminals that are using it to incite dissorder that is the problem. I have great respect for the police, but it goes to show that a new arm of the law is needed to combat criminality over the internet and virtual spaces as well as in the physical world. I’m not talking about a ‘nany state’ where our individual privacy is invaded, but I’m talking about some level of monitoring of large facebook groups that could be used to organise the likes of what we saw in London. Opinions?

  3. It’s good to see that the BBC agrees with me on the use of social media during the riots! Always good to know…

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