In the ever changing world of journalism, yet another new step has been taken. A new digital “newspaper” is being developed for iPads and similar devices. Rupert Murdoch and the chief executive of Apple, Steve Jobs, have apparently been developing the Daily for several months in New York. Costing 99 cents (about 62 pence) a week, there will be no online or print alternative.

100 journalists have been hired for this new project. Jesse Angelo, managing editor of the New York Times and an up and comer within NewsCorp, is expected to secure the title of editor.

This is a new venture for Murdoch, in yet another attempt to revolutionise the newspaper business. He believes there will be 40 million iPads in use by 2012 and sees this as an excellent opportunity. If 5% of the expected 40 million iPad owners subscribe to the Daily, the paper will have two million customers.

Steve Jobs is expected to introduce a subscription plan for this type of newspaper based on the iTunes business model, but publishers will not want the technology giant to dominate the market like it has with music. However, with Apple leading the way in the market in tablet devices, Murdoch may have to cooperate with Jobs until a competitive rival can be established.

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