Bye Bye Blog?

So the 19th November deadline for assessed blogs has passed, but what happens now to Napier Social Media?

This blog is in the “Good Sites” category because it mentions Napier Social Media, which I think is a good site! I’ve really enjoyed my first regular blogging experience that’s given me an insight into you, fellow course mates, and you’re interests and segments of news that you enjoy reading about the most. I’ve run a few websites in the past with video and written reviews of films and games but I think blogging is probably the way forward. For anyone else thinking of continuing blogging, this site (the “link” option doesn’t seem to be working, so the full URL is: ) has some helpful hints. With more than 133,000,000 published blogs since 2002 and with 77% of internet users regularly reading blogs, there (hopefully) will always be someone who wants to read what we have to say.

Thank you for some very insightful reading over the past three months!

The big question: What have been your thoughts on Napier Social Media? Feel free to answer the poll.

One Response

  1. end of an era? doesnt have to be – we could keep it going, but up to james!

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