Republic Of Rip-Off

Skint?Isn’t it great to get home? Most people will tell you there’s no place like it in the world. I am one of those people, but it’s hard to go back an old aspect of life when somewhere new has opened your eyes. I simply mean the cost of living in the Republic Of Ireland, and the massive difference in comparison to Scotland.

Believe me I’ve shopped in Northern Ireland before, but I was still caught off guard. It all started as I got off the plane. Irish soil I thought, great to be back. As I walked from the plane towards the airport exit I noticed a bureau de change, perfect, I’ll get some money changed for the bus home. The exchange rate on the board looked decent, so I handed over forty pounds sterling. I got back just under forty-two euro. The part of my brain that processed math went into overdrive; upon looking at my receipt I noticed a four euro service charge. Great to be back. Isn’t it? I really missed being ripped off living in Edinburgh.

Enough of my anecdotes, well for now anyway. This could all have been blamed on the fact I went to Dublin Airport, considering everything associated with Dublin is overpriced and irritating. But unfortunately it’s a trend that is consistent throughout the free-state, and not just our alien capital.

I’ll start with a typical student example. A single vodka and dash of cordial in Donegal costs on average €4.50. Imagine that most nights during the week you can get the same drink for £1? I know, you wonder how the Irish can afford to consistently be hammered.

The price gap extends beyond alcohol and tobacco too! Talking to one of my friends who goes to NUI Galway, the weekly shopping trip also came into question. He spends roughly €40-50 a week on groceries; I spend £30-40. Grand, seems about the same. Not really, it would probably take him €60-70 to buy what I buy in my weekly shop. Shane’s health is a serious worry for me, I’ve been losing a lot of weight since I’ve come to Scotland, I imagine he must be living off cereal and oxygen.

The fact that Edinburgh is apparently “expensive” to live in worries me even more. People in my halls from Scotland and England have labelled Edinburgh expensive. Do they come from some kind of cheap cost of living haven? How a goodfellas pizza for a £1 is not considered absolutely life changing I’ll never know?

I hope my ramblings have made some sort of sense. This blog is my sort of outrage at how the greed of Irish retailers has gotten out of control. Unfortunately this isn’t going to change anytime soon, and if I’m proved wrong trust me Brian Cowen I won’t mind. So until the UK change to the Euro, or a meteorite hits The Dáil, I’d say my family and the rest of Donegal will be shopping in ASDA Strabane across the border.

Sure what can ya do boss??”

Ian Clampett


3 Responses

  1. enjoyed that, adds to the mystery of how the Irish stay plastered indeed.

  2. I was in Ireland last summer for a wee holiday. We stayed mainly in Galway. However, we could only afford 2 nights out our whole holiday because of the crazy costs. No matter where we go, me and my partner in crime, Amy, always find the cheapest places to drink. But in Galway we spent 80 euros each on one night out!! We ussually spend £30 for the same level of night out here! Bonkers. Lovely country but I couldnt afford to go back

    • Danielle, did you buy a shawl? – If you are looking confused, check out the Irish folk song, Galway Shawl 😛
      and yes Ireland is mentally priced – anyone who goes to Dublin needs to go on a tour of the Guiness factory to get the free samples at the end – then steal everyone else’s if you wanna get pissed for cheap haha isn’t that right ian?

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