Growing old alone

After reading the rumours of Eva Longoria divorcing her husband, I hoped it was just media speculation. But after a session on twitter, I read her tweet confirming the split. Apparently she found text messages (so original!) from her husbands team mates wife. Eva has spoken out about how hurt she is but claims she still loves him! It’s so refreshing for a celeb to come out straight away about their divorce and tell the media that they are completely shocked and gutted inside but can’t help but still feel in love. Usually they remain tight lipped and give off a strong image but when having a divorce I think being strong is an unfair image to try and create because it just wouldn’t be possible. And as 2010 has been the year of the cheating husband, it makes me wonder if celebs can actually maintain a happy marriage. It even worried me that Jason Manford had been at it! He’s not the most sought after man in history but he still let himself be drawn in to indulgent behaviour. I feel sorry for celebs, their lives are under such scrutiny it must be hard to make a marriage work. I hope my favourite housewife shows him what he’s missing then drops him like a stone! I mean who would cheat on Eva Longoria?!


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  1. who WOULD cheat on Eva Longoria. Me and my dad have had countless discussions over the past few days on how stupid this man must be, as we both think she is one of, if not the, most beautiful women in the world. I just hope it doesn’t affect filming for another series of the housewives, because I am enjoying this new one far too much!!!!
    What happened to the days, although slightly sexist, where men felt it was their duty to treat their woman right? I still hold that moral value – cheating is wrong and we, as men, should look after our women (at least in the respect of caring for them)
    And I think it is so easy for celebs to cheat because for celebrities we would drop our standards…so we could say ‘i slept with someone famous…’

  2. I know!
    I truely would hate to go through a divorce, i think its one of the saddest and possibly loneliest things to go through – losing a partner and best friend at the same time.
    But yeah, as old as it sounds men should look after their gf or wife! No girl would complain about that, and i’m sure the guys would feel pretty chuffed with themselves for doing it too.
    It’s such a shame for her!
    She’s actually stunning, he must be mental!

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