I was chugging a can of Red Bull before going to my Tuesday lecture, and I thought to myself ‘what is actually in this stuff’? How bad is it for me? Of course I know its packed to the brim with taurine and caffeine, but what effect would consuming Red Bull regularly have on my body over a long period of time? There were rumours that Red Bull actually contained bull sperm but was that claim ever properly investigated? I wanted to know so I hit Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and, of course, Wikipedia to find out.

Here is some interesting tweets I found.

Demetri Bithoulkas dbith57

I just had a @5_hour_energy drink. If I drink a @redbull, with this induce a heart attack?

Abimbola Alabede missabimbola

Won’t be getting any sleep till 9am tomor morning..the thought alone is scary!!where’s my redbull??

Holeshot Studio ChrisFato

It’s nice to wake up to crisp air in the face rather than drinking a can of redbull. #healthier

Juan saldana Juan2svn

I feel like throwing up. Redbull and three cups of coffee. 0_o

A Brazilian study found that those who mix Red Bull with alcohol may be drunker than they think they are as the energy drink may mask the alcohol effect. It clearly states on the back of a can of Red Bull, or any similar energy drink, not to mix the product with alcohol. So what effect would doing this have on our bodies over a period of time?

 After researching many sites on the internet, most seem to have more positive things to say about the controversial drink rather than negative. There have been many discussions over ‘suspicions’ and ‘allegations’, however none of these seem to have been proven. There have been many claims and suspicions that people have died due to consuming the drink. If you dig a little deeper you will find that the majority of these people were drinking it with alcohol. As I said before, it clearly states not to drink Red Bull with alcohol on the can, meaning Red Bull can’t legally be held liable, therefore we are presented with these numerous ‘suspicions’.

It seems it’s us young people who are revelling in the stuff as 65% of its drinkers are between the ages of 13 and 35, with males averaging on 65% of the market. A quick look at the Red Bull official website and you can clearly see how they have cornered the young male market. The web page is filled with extreme sports athletes and sports events worldwide. This emphasises how the drink is meant to stimulate those who need that boost. Red Bull have used all aspects of social media to improve their website including videos, photos, audio and articles. They even have their own web TV! I emailed the company and asked them what their opinions are on the allegations that their drink has caused many deaths worldwide. Much to my dismay, I never received a reply. No surprises there as of late!

Here are two sites I found interesting when researching the product.—More-Good-Effects-Or-Side-Effects?&id=311411

Red  Bull’s Facebook page currently has 12,008,275 likes which just goes to show how the drink has clambered up the popularity ladder! Many people may argue that coffee can have just as adverse an effect on the human body. This may be true but then why is there so much hype over Red Bull and other energy drinks in particular? I think the phrase ‘too much of anything is bad for you’ fits in here, yet I’m still dubious as to whether Red Bull is as innocent as it looks on the face of the market. Here is a link to a video of a man attempting to fly a Red Bull car and succeeding. I think the thrill and sheer buzz associated with this event is intended to mimic the thrill and buzz we are supposed to get from drinking Red Bull. It works. It’s the most famous energy drink in the world. Here’s a link to the official website, check it out for yourself.

 ‘Typing Red Bull’ into Google search engine provides 26,000,300 results from just those two simple words alone. Now that’s impressive! Many still continue to believe the drink should be taken off the shelves and many more believe the polar opposite.

What do you think?

Lauren Elliott


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  1. I don’t have any opinions either way. I do know, however, that FRed Bull sponsors an Air Race – and on the PSN (Playstation Network) where anyone of 3+ can play, there is a Red Bull Air Race free game. And casting my mind back even further to the PS1 days, on the Stuart Little Game, there was an air race in a plane which chugged along and landed on water – this game is identical to the Red Bull one. So does this suggest to children than drinking Red Bull is just like following your favourite film?

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