Republic, ha, good one!

It took 800 years of constant struggle, miniature rebellions and pure stubbornness but in 1949 Ireland secured their sovereignty and declared itself a republic. Sixty-one years later  and we hand it straight back over to the EU. Tomorrow, if Ireland accept the IMF (International Monetary Fund) we hand our independence to the EU and from then on in, they call the shots.

A rescue package worth tens of billions will be giving to bail us out. apparently, the new answer to debt is more debt. I can see from the papers and online comments that the English are mad at us,and at ole Osbourne who’s trying to help us out. I’ll admit it, we messed up big time, and now we’re on a life support machine. A general election is coming up, but our choices are limited. Fine Gael, Fine Fail, all the same really.

We’re crumbling and its heart breaking to watch. The country is angry and ashamed at this sell out. A bitterness has tinged the country. A comment on The Guardian has provided the perfect summary, “We’re just plugging holes in a dam that is surely going to burst.”

Corporation tax is going to explode, which will have a knock on effect on Industry. Let the emigration commence. Another comment on the guardian’s online page said “If the Irish don’t find gold at the end of the rainbow this is it for them. Centuries of debt.”

My parents are nurses, ones that  fear for their lump sum being cut and  their pension vanishing, but we’ll survive, but what about the people who are worse  off? On Skype today, my Daddy said to me, “You’ll be ok, you’re in university in the UK, you’ve got a chance of being employed over there. We’ll fight it out at home. God, If my da could see this, he’d turn in his grave.” Thanks James Connolly, thanks Padraig Pearse, sorry for spitting on your legacy.



3 Responses

  1. HAHAHAHA It’s the occupied 32 counties now

  2. Great to be Irish, just not too great to live in Ireland right now!

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