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Feminine Fatigue

When most women think of shopping, they think about going out with friends, getting a dress for the party tomorrow night, looking sexy to try and impress a member of the opposite sex (usually) and having fun.  However, some women, me included, hate shopping, not for any of the reasons above but it depresses them simply for the fact the popular shops such as Topshop, can’t offer them any nice clothes that fit them properly.  For example, I am a 32G and a size 8 in clothing (tops jeans, etc.) and people always say to me that it must be great to be my size and they wished they could have it.  Let me tell you, it is one of the worse things in the world, because what is the point in having a bigger chest and a small waist when you don’t feel sexy or even good about yourself, continuously having to wear clothes that are either too big or too small for you.  When I buy size 8 dresses, which normally would show a little bit of cleavage on anyone else, makes me look like an escort or when I buy a size that would accommodate my chest size I end up looking several months pregnant.  It’s very difficult, nigh impossible, to find a decent in between.

Take La Senza for example, say I wanted to purchase some sexy nightwear, I basically couldn’t.  La Senza, one of the most well renowned women’s underwear stores in Britain, can’t provide women, over an F cup, with suitable fitting lingerie in the nightwear department.  On La Senza’s website, in the DD+ section, the bra’s under the “Pure Luxury” range, aren’t much better, after online research I have only found one bra in this section which would meet my needs as a bigger busted woman and La Senza simply do not do any H and above cups whatsoever.  In an attempt to help the larger chested among us feel sexy, my online research lead me onto the Ann Summers website, hoping that this would give the majority of women in this size bracket some support, literally.  This, to my disappointment, was not true.  Ann Summers go up to a G cup, but barely, this a very new thing on which they advertise and again they do not stretch to an H cup or above.

However, it isn’t just my bizarre body that causes problems.  The well known brand Topshop doesn’t stock above a size 16 (not even in their maternity section) and in their lingerie section they don’t stock above a size 36DD.  Topshop are turning away so much business in this way, many women who love the brand’s style, just can’t shop there.  They can merely look through the window and beat themselves up and depress themselves, only being able to think of their physical flaws.  I believe that women should have the right to feel comfortable in their own skin and not feel pressured to change unless they deem it necessary for health reasons, etc.

Feeling like this, personally, I started to explore the more drastic and severe options, such as plastic surgery and gastric band surgery.  I thought if I could make myself smaller then I would be happier with myself.  Before I delved into a life changing operation, my sister showed me a Bravissimo website.  Bravissimo is a shop that specifically caters for top heavy women, they provide a wide selection in lingerie, nightwear, clothing, swimwear and eveningwear from D to KK cups.  I investigated further and bought a few bras online and it turned out to be the best decision I had ever made.  I learned from here Bravissimo that I could feel sexy and good about myself in anything I wear, their varied ranges gave me choice and a priceless feeling that I couldn’t have received from near enough anywhere on the high street.  Their helpful staff are there and assist you in dressing for your particular shape and style.

I researched the website Simply Be.  This website supplies women with sizes between 14 to 32 and in lingerie the provide women with cup sizes among B to H cup and back sizes of 32 to 50.  This website also gives bigger women the chance to feel good about themselves without changing who they are and makes high street fashion available to them which most likely wouldn’t have been possible in the past.  They also have a wide range of clothing for women who feel you don’t have to be stick thin to feel beautiful about yourself.  Designer makes have seen a cash cow in making larger sizes for their more shapely potential customers.  These designers available on Simply Be include Anna Scholz, Grazia and even Gok Wan.  To date Simply Be has a customer span of over 2 million.

In an attempt to go further for the people that share my problem I visited a website which is run by the FIA, the Female Intelligence Agency, the page I arrived on was named: Tips for women with large breasts.  I read into it further and it gave the reader suggestions on how to live with a larger chest.  It gives you the drastic options if you are very unhappy with your figure and it also gives you alternatives on how to make life a little easier for the average chesty woman.

I am a big believer in woman feeling beautiful in themselves and second guess themselves or their bodies for anyone.  Women have the right to feel sexy and good about themselves in every aspect.  I trust in the fact that if a woman feels sexy about herself it will shine through and it will become apparent to the world.

Hear my interviews with some woman that feel body sensitive and body confident and hear their tips on what makes them feel good about themselves.

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  1. Half way through I was going to suggest Bravissimo to solve your problems because I know that site is worth its weight in gold when it comes to women of your shape or bigger!! One of my close friends uses it. Don’t ever feel like you have to change, leggings and baggy vest top combinations seem to suit teenagers in your predicament

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