My chance has past.

It has been revealed that Prince William is to marry Kate Middleton in the Spring/Summer of 2011, the year of his parents 30th wedding anniversary.
The engagement took place during a private holiday in Kenya after the Prince asked Kate’s father for her hand in marriage. The Queen and other close family members are said to be aware and like many worldwide are said to be ‘wishing them every happiness.’


6 Responses

  1. hahaha your title made me laugh my head off joy!

  2. hahaha its okay he’s not the hot brother anyway, you still have a chance with Harry!!

  3. yeah, i read it while lecture this morning on my berry and a tear runed down. well, not really. but it could’ve happened if he would’ve getting bold in his age. bet that’s why you weren’t in today – crying all morning in the pillow?

  4. messed up a bit. meant that my heart would be crushed like a glass duck with hammer if he would not have started becoming bold already. and somehow i always liked harry best.

  5. Oh come one Joy! With that hairline???? x

  6. babe!

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