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Virgin boss Richard Branson bet AirAsia’s chief exec Tony Fernandes that if his Formula One team Virgin Racing lost to Fernandes’ team Lotus, he would serve as a stewardess, in heels and all, on a cross-country flight from Kuala Lumpur to London. Both teams finished with no points at the end of the championship. Lotus had better race finishing positions though. Branson lost.

I’m sure that, throughout our lives, we have all used the phrase “I bet…” in the “Not that I will actually stake on the outcome of the issue, I’m just so confident that this will happen that I’m going to sound like I’m willing to risk losing money, but I won’t be giving you money if I am proved incorrect” sort of way. Who were The Arctic Monkeys betting with when they “Bet that you look good on the dance floor”? The founder of the Facebook group “I bet I can still find 1,000,000 people who dislike George Bush” may well be getting some money as there are currently 898,424 members, but who will actually stand up and say “I bet that you couldn’t do that, and so here is some money for you as I shall keep to my word”? If you think about it, the phrase is used far too often, but it seems so far woven in to our everyday (well, not every single day but every month maybe) lives that I don’t see anyone ever saying “I really do think that so-and-so will do that, but hey, if they don’t then I was wrong, no harm done, other than I will feel annoyed at being proven wrong.” Do you? I bet next time you “bet” on something, you’ll think again about whether you’re actually betting. Not that I’m actually betti… oh, forget it.

Full details of the flight, such as when it will actually take place, are yet to be announced. “The aim is to raise as much money as we can for a good cause so the discomfort Richard will go through is worth as much as it possibly can be”, Fernandes said. I’m sure, somehow, that Richard Branson himself might be able to add a little to the charity pot too.


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  1. if i happen to have to go to kuala lumpur any time soon, i know what flight i’ll take! but it’s brenson and he’s quit a dare-devil, so i bet he does. you in?

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