Anyone excited about Harry Potter?

Is everyone going to see the new Harry Potter film at some stage this week?  I’ll assume the answer is probably a yes… but how many of you are rereading/re-watching the films in preparation?

I’m a massive nerd… so I probably would if I had either the books or the DVD’s with me in Edinburgh…. but as I don’t I’ve done something maybe slightly nerdier and looked up a whole variety of Harry Potter media on the internet in order to reaquaint myself with the wizarding world. Here’s three of the best… and also the worst:

3. Blogging Harry Potter – SparkLife

I don’t know if anyone follows the blogs of Dan Bergstein (if you’re not a twilight fan may I reccomend his “Blogging Twilight” series – they are hilarious), but he is one of my personal favourite bloggers. His brand of humour might not be to everyone’s taste, but it certainly is to mine. And, it’s an enjoyable alternative to getting back into the books if you’d like to it chapter by chapter but don’t have the time (or energy) to start reading the books again.

2. The Harry Potter Wikia

Probably the best archive of knowledge of the Wizarding World on the entire internet (at least as knowledgable as Dumbledore) if slightly intimidating. Come across something intriguing and the book and curious if JK Rowling ever developed it any further in any interviews or spin-offs? I can guarantee you’ll find your answer here.

1. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Possibly the least informative official Harry Potter site on the website – but certainly one of the most innovative and enjoyable. It’ll definately get you in the Harry Potter spirit – if not at least the Florida Spirit.

Last, and most certainly least, the worst “Harry Potter” site on the web – My Immortal

“My Immortal” is one of the most hilariously bad fanfics ever written. It twists Hogwarts into a strange world inhabitted by bisexual “goffix” where every other character is rediculously attractive and depressed teenager. It’s spelling and grammar are among some of the worst floating around the interwebs, so much so that FanFiction.Net actually removed it, citing “Disregard for proper language: grammar, spelling, punctuation, and etc.” The above story has been removed because it violated the guideline detailed on the upload page”.Some maintain that the entire thing is a giant hoax designed to annoy Harry Potter Fans. Read it (or try to) and see for yourself. Or, save yourself some time and go to its Encyclopedia Dramatica page.Toodles =]

2 Responses

  1. This is officially my fave post on Napier Social Media!

  2. Nice post! It’s funny to see how many sites are dedicated to the Potter saga…
    I am one of those nerdy types too. I’ve read all the books again recently and watched the films last week… And I can’t wait for the new film!

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