The Elephant House Cafe

Nestled between Frankensteins bar  and Vittoria restaurant sits a quaint crimson cafe. It bears the name of its chain stores ,“The Elephant House”. However, this particular one is special. It is “the birthplace of Harry Potter.” The coffee shop where the legendary J.K Rowling sat and created the magical world of Hogwarts. The backroom appropriately overlooks Edinburgh’s castle. I entered this cafe solely because of its link to Harry Potter but that’s not why I fell in love with it. The place seems to follow no set theme, its cluttered and geeky yet snug. The burnt orange walls are adorned with antique frames and the tables and chairs appear to be squeezed into any free space.But where the true magic lies, is on a cold winters night, there is a rare warmth in the dim lighting and the consistent hum of conversation and laughter. The food isn’t amazing but the coffee is good and fairly priced considering its status. The staff seem ditzy but kind. And the bathrooms although basic hold a wonderous surprise. The doors have been decorated by hundreds of Harry Potter fans. Inscribed in various coloured inks are humorous slogans like, “Lord Voldemort was here,” and favourite quotes such as, “The Ministry has fallen. They are coming,” followed by countless thank you’s to J.K Rowling for the beautiful tale she has weaved. The elephant house has character, and Harry Potter fan or not its worth a visit.



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