November 13th

1841 – James Braid first sees ‘animal magnetism’. This leads to a study on what he later names, ‘hypnotism’.

1941 – HMS Ark Royal, a British aircraft carrier, is torpedoed and begins sinking (but it doesn’t sink until the next day…No prizes for guessing what will be in tomorrow!)

1947 – Russia completes the development of the AK-47 – one of the first ever assault rifles (still used today, just in the Summer in Egypt I saw all police officers had an AK – really scary for the record, being unarmed in a situation like that!)

1970 – The Bhola cyclone hits East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) killing 500,000 people in one night. It has winds of up to 150 mph.

1985 – A volcano erupts and melts a glacier in Colombia, creating a mudslide. This swamps a town killing 23,000 people.

1994 – Sweden votes to join the EU.

1995 – Outside a US-operated Saudi Arabian national guard training centre, a truck bomb explodes killing 7 people. The Islamic Movement for Change claims responsibility.

2002 – The oil tanker Prestige sinks off the coast of North West Spain, causing a huge oil spill.

2005 – An Englishman is proven to be the first person to be ‘cured’ of HIV. How this happened remains a mystery.


1954 – Great Britain defeats France, claiming the first ever Rugby League World Cup in Paris.

1982 – Ray Mancini defeats Duk Koo Kim in a boxing match. Kim dies four days later, and this leads to radical changes in the sport.


Robert Louis Stevenson – Writer/Poet (1850), Whoopi Goldberg – Actress (Legend, mums favourite actress!) (1955), Gerard Butler – Actor (1969), Kelly Sotherton – Heptathlete (1976)


Eddie Guerrero – Professional Wrestler (d.2005 of heart failure, after many years of battling substance abuse and addiction)

Special Days

World Kindness Day (Global)

Number 1s

Johnnie Ray with Ray Conniff & His Orchestra – Just Walking In The Rain (1956) (7 weeks at Number 1, most of this year, but not best seller)

Frank Ifield with Norris Paramor & His Orchestra – Lovesick Blues (1962)

Gary Glitter – I Love You Love Me Love (1973) (Best seller for this year)

Dr Hook – When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman (1979)

Chaka Khan – I Feel For You (1984)

Robin Beck – The First Time (1988)

Pato Banton – Baby Come Back (1994)

Madonna – Hung Up (2005)

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